Jonah Blank

Twitter: @jonahblank

An anthropologist by training, I've divided my professional life between book-writing, government service/policy analysis, academia, and journalism.  For the books, see here and here.  As for the rest:

♦ Government and policy.  For twelve years, I served as Policy Director for South and Southeast Asia on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  At various times, my Senate portfolio also included Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.  After my Senate work, I served as Principal Investigator and Senior Political Scientist for the RAND Corporation.  I continue to do RAND work from various sites in Asia.

♦ Academia.  I've taught anthropology and politics at Harvard (where I earned my doctorate), Georgetown, and George Washington University's Elliot School for International Affairs, and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

♦ Journalism.  I got my start in the newspaper business in Tokyo, and have worked for a variety of defunct, near-defunct and (in rare cases) still-surviving publications.  I served as Senior Editor for US News & World Report, where I covered US News from Washington and world-reported from India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nepal.  My freelance work has been published in obscure scholarly journals (Eastern Anthropologist, Journal of Vaishnava Studies), policy outlets (Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy), newspapers (Washington Post, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Orlando Sentinel, Toronto Star), and literary magazines (The New Yorker, The Atlantic). 

I am currently based in Southeast Asia, working on my next book project while writing for The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, and other publications.