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 The Strange Thai Insurgents Who Like Sorcery and Get High on Cough Syrup  (The Atlantic)

A look inside one of the world's most bizaare insurgency.  A sample:

"Before a cool April dawn in 2004, a hundred machete-armed guerrillas launched simultaneous attacks on eleven policy and army posts, then took refuge in the mosque. Some were high on a brew of cough syrup, Coca-Cola, and a narcotic plant called kratom.  Some were motorcyle-riding 'pilgrim bandits,' half hajji and half Hell's Angels.  Most wore amulets that they believed made them invisible to their enemies, or capable of teleportation, or invulnerable to any type of weaponry.  The talismans proved no match for the Thai army's machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades.  The blood has been washed from the courtyard stones, but the bullet-holes in the sign at the mosque's portal remain defiantly unfilled to this day."

 How to Negotiate Like a Pashtun (Foreign Policy)

Does anthropology have any use outside of a seminar-room?  I believe it does-- and that the missteps of US policy in Afghanistan can be explained by American inability to see the world through Afghan eyes.  A sample:

"Whether our goal is counterterrorism, promotion of regional stability, or merely an orderly withdrawal of forces, America will soon be playing 'Let's Make A Deal.'  Can we learn the Afghan rules of this game?...After years of talking past our Afghan friends and foes alike, perhaps we will be forced to learn how to talk to them."

Some recent media appearances (not updated for far too long)

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Voice of America, Pashto edition: Interview on Afghan politics

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